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Why the military is using the hashtag Army Green to promote its upcoming enlistment campaign

The United States military’s use of the hashtag “Army Green” to promote enlistment has become an increasingly common tool to attract more active-duty service members, according to new research.The Army is looking to the Army Green program to recruit active- and reserve-duty troops who want to serve on active duty for two years or longer, […]

How to recruit your army and cool soldiers in the US army

Recode, the internet’s leading news site, is reporting that the US military is recruiting a cool army, a reference to its recent recruitment push.Recode reports that “a senior official familiar with the matter” told the site that the U.S. military is in the process of recruiting a “cool army” to help prepare for future conflicts.The […]

Grand Army of the Republic is getting an army wallpaper

Grand Army is getting its own army wallpaper.The military news site Army Pics has posted an image of a wallpaper featuring a grand army of the republic flag.The image was created by an artist known as Fruzdun.Army Pics said in a news release that Fruzzdun’s Army of Grand Army “is an inspiration to all soldiers […]

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