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How a Swiss Army-style backpack will change your life

The Swiss Army, one of the world’s most famous military organizations, has a penchant for camouflage and camouflage clothing, especially during the Cold War.And now the military is expanding the camouflage and gear that its soldiers can wear.But what exactly is a military backpack?What’s the difference between the Army and the Swiss Army?In this special […]

Microsoft’s army enterprise newsletter, army webmail

Microsoft’s military webmail has been updated with new features, including a new article for military workers.The company said that it has added a new army study guide for military employees.The article has a section for new recruits to sign up for.The new article lists topics such as health and safety, career development, and other important […]

The Army Badge Study Guide for 2017

The Army Academy has released the Army Badge study guide for 2017.It’s titled Army Study Guide 2017: Military Personnel, The Army, The Military, and Uniformity: Military Career Transition and the Army.It is an excellent resource for those who are looking to transition into the civilian workforce.It provides a thorough, easy-to-understand, and detailed look at the […]

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