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How to find a military haircut

Military haircuts are becoming increasingly popular among soldiers in the military, and the haircuts at Army recruiting centers are just as popular as they are at the regular Army recruiting sites.Here are the most popular military haircuts in the Army.1.Army RVA Military Haircut This is the Army RVC haircut.It’s a simple but well-received military haircut.The […]

How to dress for the Army: Erb and Hammer’s Army Jacket

If you’re looking for a classic Army jacket that’s perfect for summer, you might want to give Erb & Hammer’s new “Army Jacket” a try.It’s a timeless piece of Army fabric that’s made with 100% cotton, wool, rayon, and linen that is incredibly durable.The “Army” in the name stands for “Army, Army Jacket.”Its 100% nylon, […]

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