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How the Army is preparing for a new kind of war in Afghanistan

The U.S. military’s Special Operations Command is ramping up its contingency plans in Afghanistan, with a new war game being prepared to be deployed within weeks.The U.s. military plans to train more than 20,000 troops in special operations, including special operations specialists, in an effort to prepare them to combat the Taliban, a U.n. special […]

Australian army unit uses night-stalker technology to hunt down enemy soldiers

An Australian army night-strider unit is using the same technology that is being used by the US military to hunt enemy soldiers, in a bid to deter them from trying to infiltrate enemy units.Key points:An Australian army company is using an internet-based technology to track enemy soldiersThe unit uses the same internet-enabled technology that was […]

How the Swiss Army backpack arrived at the top of India’s army-linked online retailer list

India’s military has a long and storied history with the Swiss army, with its soldiers serving in the army and its elite soldiers fighting in the front lines of World War II.But now the military’s top retailer is bringing its best-selling soldier-related products to the Indian market.Swiss Army has a well-documented history with India.In 2013, […]

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