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What you need to know about seven nations army green uniform

It was not just the uniform that changed.As the military prepares to mark its 70th anniversary, the uniform has undergone a major makeover.The Army’s green helmet is no longer an army green.Instead, it’s now an Army age limit helmet.It was originally designed for US forces during World War II.The Army says it wanted to honor […]

When the Canadian military has a military operation in a remote part of the world, the military needs to be aware of the potential for problems

The Canadian military needs a greater awareness of the security risks associated with military operations in remote areas.The Canadian Forces (CF) has a number of operations in North America that could be disrupted by natural disasters, including an earthquake in the United States.One such operation in the Yukon Territory, known as Operation Snowstorm, is currently […]

How to recruit your army and cool soldiers in the US army

Recode, the internet’s leading news site, is reporting that the US military is recruiting a cool army, a reference to its recent recruitment push.Recode reports that “a senior official familiar with the matter” told the site that the U.S. military is in the process of recruiting a “cool army” to help prepare for future conflicts.The […]

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