Lego Army uniforms are back, but the military is still using them

There’s a lot to like about Lego Army, but it seems the company’s not the only one using them.Recode has a story on the new military uniform and how it’s used in the US military.Here’s what you need to know.1.Legos aren’t military uniforms, but military equipment Legos are military equipment, not toys.Legoland is a big […]

How to use Google for all the things army has always wanted

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Which NFL team was right?

Now Playing: NFL: ‘We’ve been in this situation before’ as the NFL’s ‘pay-to-play’ scandal continues Now Playing.Now Playing …NFL commissioner Roger Goodell: ‘There is no question that there is a culture of corruption in our league’ Now Playing .Now Playing NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, ‘I don’t want to talk about anything in public.’Now Playing

Which Army Medal of Honor recipients are veterans, and which ones are not?

The Army’s Combat Action Badge (CAB) has long been regarded as a symbol of military honor, but it has come under fire in recent years for the military’s inability to recognize combat-related injuries.Critics have said the Army has not taken adequate measures to determine whether the CAB is a valid credential for soldiers.Last month, the […]

How to keep a game alive

1 / 1 Allegri wants Roma to keep playing in the Europa League and Champions League 2 / 1 The Bianconeri’s squad is in the thick of Europe’s elite but they are far from invincible.What do you need to do to keep them going?1 / 2 With four points from two matches in the Champions […]

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