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How to remove an Army insignia

The U.S. Army has long been a symbol of its commitment to equality and justice.Now, that commitment may have to be reconsidered as more troops join the military under President Donald Trump.In recent weeks, Trump has made a number of controversial and controversial remarks about LGBT Americans and other groups, and it appears the Army […]

The SFC Army: A look back at the SFCs legacy

The Army’s first official men’s army, the Sfc, was formed in 1890.The regiment had three divisions: the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th.The Sfc was initially stationed in the East Midlands, but after the Civil War the regiment was expanded and relocated to London.The Army’s men’s division was formed with the SfC, the regiment’s most senior officers.Its […]

How to avoid the army age-limit

The Age can confirm that the age limit for military service is 35 years old.The new Age Age guidelines for the Australian Army include the following: If you are over the age of 35, you can apply to join the Australian Defence Force (ADF) but if you are under 35 you can’t apply.The ADF has […]

How to make your own robot to protect your own privacy

The military is using its robotics and artificial intelligence technology to better defend the nation from cyberattacks and other cyber-attacks, the Pentagon announced Wednesday.The US Department of Defense said it had awarded $3.9 million to researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to create and deploy a robot for the Marine Corps.The […]

How the US military is using social media to keep the public up to date on war in Afghanistan

US soldiers are using social networks to keep tabs on the battlefield in Afghanistan, with the use of an open-source program known as “Operation Sinkhole” showing the troops are using the internet to stay in touch with each other.The operation, run by the US Army Times and the US Department of Defense, has been used […]

The Army’s motto is ‘Independence, Courage and Courageousness’

The army motto of independence, courage and courageousness is the motto of the Indian Army. It has been adopted by the Indian armed forces since 1949 and the motto was officially adopted in 1950. In recent years, the Indian government has made efforts to introduce the motto to its ranks and officers. The Indian Army motto has a […]

How to stop Reddit’s censorship

This week, Reddit banned a popular video game subreddit called the “reddit army”.This is because of a video of a group of women playing a game called “GTA V”, which features “rape, torture, murder, and genocide” and features images of rape.The video has received more than 30 million views and has been viewed more than […]

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