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Reddit: Military in Ukraine will continue ‘for as long as necessary’

The Russian-backed Ukrainian government says it is planning to hold a military exercise in the country for as long “as necessary”.“This will continue for as much as necessary, we can’t allow any more delays, because this is an urgent task and it is absolutely necessary,” Ukraine’s military chief, General Valery Gerasimov, told journalists in the […]

How to be an effective Alms Army member

You can be a successful Alms Leader by: • Making a positive impact on your community • Engaging in positive behavior that helps your community   • Making your Alms community a better place to live and work • Leading others in a positive way. Alms Leader Training Camps and Resources: The Alms Leadership Training Camp is held […]

Obama orders troops to march across US to celebrate US Independence Day

COLUMBUS, Ohio — U.S. President Barack Obama on Wednesday ordered troops to take the streets for the first time in their history, as the country prepares to celebrate Independence Day.Obama and his cabinet have been discussing a number of options to make it official this year.The move will mark the first official day of the […]

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