How the plastic army was invented

The plastic army has become one of the most popular, and least understood, inventions in the history of the pop culture world.

It was created in the 1960s, in a film about the US military.

It’s about the “battle-tested” concept of a “lego soldier”.

It’s also about a plastic soldier in a Lego army.

It’s one of those “legends” stories, a film that is considered so popular because of the Lego-inspired world of the movie, and the film’s use of the word “legos”.

“There was a time when we were trying to get the movie out of our hands,” said John Krasinski, who was a writer on the movie.

“There were so many movies out there, and I was doing this Lego movie, so I just thought, ‘I’ve got to do something.'”

That’s what I did.

“The film’s makers didn’t have any money and were hoping that one of their students could come up with the idea, which was to have a Lego soldier with the army’s insignia, called the “B-52”.

It’s a fairly basic idea, but one that can be applied to any army, military or otherwise.

Krasinski had a vision of using the plastic “b-52” to get people into the army, and so he began to work on the film in 1965.

He began by making a few models.

After a few years of tinkering, he decided to make a full-size replica of the B-52, and eventually made two, each of which he named the “Lego” B-53.

One of the models was so successful that he started making the full-sized model, which eventually became the “b52” B.

The other model was a more complex one.

The first model was the “standard” model, the B. When the film started filming, the director of the film, Roger Corman, had a meeting with a man named Frank Krasinksi, who came from the real world.

That’s when he had this idea of creating a “Legos” army, a Lego version of the US Army, complete with uniforms, weapons, vehicles, and other elements of a real-life army.

He told Krasins to make the model, and Krasinks model was completed in 1970.

He went to the Army and was commissioned to make it, but he was unable to get permission from the military to do it.

In the end, the model was taken off the set and made into a film called The Lego Movie.

But it was only for a few scenes, so it was not a big hit, and it was never released.

It took a long time to make, and he did not get a lot of money.

Then, in 1993, he got another idea.

He began to design a Lego Army of his own, and finally, in 1998, he had a model of the entire army assembled, assembled in a day.

His model was made into the film The Lego Batman Movie, and that’s when the movie started making money.

The movie has now been made two times, but its popularity is growing.

On the website of the company behind the movie Lego, they’ve created a list of people who’ve helped make it a success, and they have a dedicated page on the site.

Lego has sold over 10 million sets, and has won the prestigious “Golden Brick Award” from the American Society of Cinematographers.

But it’s not just one company that has helped the film make it to the top.

In 2013, Lego was also awarded the “Golden Nugget Award” for “best-selling toy in the world”.

The company is also in the Guinness Book of Records for having the most toys in the United States.

But its main rival is still Lego.

It has a strong presence in the toys and technology industry, with over 100,000 employees worldwide, making it one of more than 300 companies worldwide with a significant presence in consumer products.

Its annual profit was about $4.7 billion in 2014.

The film has sold millions of copies, and even made the Guinness World Record for most sales in one year.

Despite its popularity, it is not the only company that is making a film based on a Lego film.

Disney released a film last year called “Legends of Tomorrow” about a group of heroes called the Resistance.

And, in 2016, the world was given a new version of one of its biggest blockbuster franchises, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which brought back the original characters and characters from the original films.

But what about Lego?

In 2016, Lego did not want to release the first version of its new movie.

So it took the rights to the characters and made them up, and created an “original” version

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