Why is the Swiss army packing up?

By LUCY RENZIGANBERGSwitzerland’s armed forces have been forced to move their bases, with the defence ministry announcing it had to cut its annual budget to about $9 million.

The Swiss army has been facing a budget deficit of $9.7m this year, as it struggles to pay salaries, pensions and expenses, Reuters news agency reported.

The defence ministry said in a statement that it had decided to temporarily close some of the barracks that had been closed in an effort to save money.

“This was a necessary decision in light of the worsening situation,” it said.

The military has faced a funding crisis since the country’s socialist government was elected in May 2016.

The budget deficit is a drag on the country, which had to slash spending on defence since the global financial crisis.

Swiss army personnel are among the most expensive in the world.

The total cost of the Swiss military’s annual budget is about $50 billion, according to a 2015 study by Swiss think-tank Fondation du Monde.

The country has one of the highest levels of corruption in the European Union, where the Swiss economy ranks third in terms of per capita income.

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