Swiss army watch: MyPay will be sold to Amazon

Swiss army paychecks are about to become a lot easier to come by.

The Swiss army will begin selling its first online payments service for the next few months.

The MyPay website is launching today and the service will work with Apple Pay and Android Pay, according to Recode.

The new service will have a total of 6 million transactions per month, and will allow users to pay for goods and services on the MyPay site without having to swipe their cards.

In other words, they can make their own payments and send them directly to Amazon.

The service will only be available to users in Switzerland.

The company plans to launch MyPay in other countries soon.

MyPay was developed by the Swiss army in response to growing demand for payments and other services.

It is designed to help Swiss soldiers with daily life by allowing them to make online payments using the company’s own debit card or credit card.

This will make the service a better option for people who have a limited amount of cash in their bank accounts.

This may not be a problem for some, though.

Apple Pay, which currently works only in the United States, will likely be popular for people in other parts of the world, including in China.

China has a lot of cash, and many of the banks and credit card companies there won’t accept payment from Apple Pay.

Apple’s iPhone is the top-selling smartphone in China, according a recent report by IDC, which said the company accounted for more than $5 billion in revenue in the country last year.

It’s likely that Apple Pay will be a big driver for the company in China as well.

The launch of MyPay comes as Amazon continues to roll out a number of new payment services that have yet to be tested in the US.

Amazon is also planning to launch its own digital wallet in 2018, and the company said it will launch a new payment service in 2020.

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