What you need to know about the Army’s new Army Pay System

With the end of the Army Pay Act of 2017, the US military has been able to start rolling out its new payment system.

This new system will offer an additional $5,000 in monthly payments for all active and reserve troops, and $5.50 for all those who have completed basic training.

However, the Army has also announced that all reservists, including active duty troops, will now be able to get the same amount of money.

The new system, which is set to be launched on July 1, will also allow reservists to get $1,000 monthly paychecks for their active duty military, as well as the same monthly payment amount for those who are still serving in the military.

The Army is still working out the details on how to distribute the money among all troops.

For those who still have questions about the new system and want to know more about it, the answer is simple: there is no way to tell if you have already received the money or not.

The Army Pay Fund will be set up through a “pre-authorized payment,” which means that there is nothing that can stop a reserve from claiming their payment.

However there are still some restrictions that the Army will have to abide by, including a limit of $250 per month for those that have not yet received the $5K check.

The US Army has a history of issuing paychecks that are more generous than the amount that can be paid.

The military’s new pay system will allow the Army to be more generous and offer a better deal than the US government has been offering for many years.

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