Month: October 2021

When Army Age Limit Is At An End, Soldiers Are Now Forced To Do This “Punch-Out” Game

After years of being told to “just play it out” during a deployment, the Army has announced that it is removing the army age limits from its soldiers’ duties, allowing them to kill or be killed in the line of duty for “fun.”Army officials said the move is to “re-engage with the soldiers who serve […]

How to figure out your army rank structure

Army ranks are broken down into different ranks.Here are some common ways to figure them out: 1.The rank and file are called soldiers and they don’t have a specific military specialty.2.They have the rank of colonel.3.They are part of the infantry.4.They serve in the Special Forces.5.They served in the Reserves.6.They work as intelligence analysts.7.They live […]

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