How to prepare for an Ebola outbreak in California

California is bracing for a potential new outbreak of Ebola, with at least 11 cases and more than 200 hospitalizations.

The state is braced for a major outbreak of the virus, the state Department of Public Health said Monday.

The Department of State Health Services says more than 8,000 people are being monitored at its emergency centers, including those in Los Angeles and Orange counties.

It also said it’s been working closely with local health departments to help contain the virus and coordinate response efforts.

The department has identified at least 100 people in its emergency room with the virus.

It says a number of them have been isolated and will likely need hospitalization.

The number of cases has grown exponentially since Sunday when the last confirmed case in the state was confirmed in Riverside County.

It is still unclear how many cases there will be this year, and the department says it does not have any information on how many of those who are confirmed may have been infected.

California Gov.

Jerry Brown said Monday he was taking additional steps to contain the outbreak, including using a new emergency protocol that requires that all new cases be tested for the virus as soon as possible.

“We’re working closely together to make sure that every person in California who comes into contact with a person with the disease is tested as soon we possibly can, in the same way we do every other new patient,” Brown said at a news conference.

Brown said he’s also ordered state agencies to be extra vigilant for any potential cases and has directed health officials to work with state and local health officials and health care providers.

Brown has been under pressure from his own party to curb the outbreak after a doctor was recently infected.

The governor said Monday that he’s not concerned about a possible pandemic, adding that there are no signs of Ebola in California and there are “no new cases.”

California has seen an outbreak of coronavirus in other states, most recently in Maine in the summer of 2014.

The state has reported nearly 200,000 cases and is battling the virus that has sickened more than 4,400 people.

More:More:California is in the midst of a pandemic of the disease, with more than 100 new cases and at least 1,500 hospitalizations since the start of the outbreak.

The disease has killed more than 7,300 people in the U.S. and killed more then 13,000 in West Africa.

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