Army career tracker: Navy’s newest recruits to become officers

The Navy has announced that its newest recruits will become officers.

The service announced Tuesday that Lt.


Brian McKeon and Capt. Daniel Mims will join the Navy’s Officer Candidate School, which was created by the U.S. military and has received national attention for the recruits who are graduating from the class of 2021.

The academy, which began in 2012, is located in Newport News, Virginia.

McKeons’ and Mimss first deployments will be as midshipmen in the U-2 aircraft.

The Navy said in a statement that they have been “inspired by the great traditions and cultures of our service and our Navy family” and are looking forward to being part of a “family that celebrates tradition, strength and pride.”

The cadet program, which has a population of nearly 10,000, will continue to grow and enroll more cadets.

The Navy has been criticized for its recruiting process and for not fully integrating cadets into the ranks of the ranks.

It has struggled to attract and retain top talent, according to some military experts.

In the Navy, cadets are called “cadet officers” and they are trained by the Navy.

Cadets can choose to join the service after high school or after serving in the reserves.

Navy cadets graduate with an officer’s rating.

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