Which army’s soldiers leave the frontline in Afghanistan?

In the past week, a total of 1,077 soldiers from Afghanistan have left the frontlines, a report from Afghanistan’s Defence Ministry has revealed.

The troops are currently on leave, but the Ministry said it would not provide a breakdown of who was leaving or how many soldiers left the country.

The Defence Ministry said the 1,070 soldiers had been sent to their home provinces of Kunduz and Paktia, which are home to some of the most dangerous insurgent groups in the country, including al-Qaida.

In its report, the ministry also said that 1,058 troops from the 10,000-strong Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) were on leave.

While the number of troops on leave was relatively low compared to the size of the country’s army, it still represents a significant loss of troops.

The report said that about half of the soldiers were transferred to a base in the province of Paktika, where they had to wait for the deployment of additional ANSF troops to be completed.

The remaining troops were transferred from Paktikistan to Kunduz, where the army has been fighting insurgents in a largely unopposed offensive.

The withdrawal of the troops is an attempt by the Taliban to control the country and avoid a repeat of last year’s mass exodus of troops from Afghanistan.

In June, a Taliban-linked militant group in the southern province of Khost announced that it had killed 2,000 of the ANSF and captured the headquarters of the army in Paktikh.

The military also recently deployed hundreds of thousands of troops in a bid to contain the insurgency.

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