Army tattoos are ‘the new fashion’ – MTV News

Army tattoos, which have been trending on social media since March, have been popping up all over the UK.

Now a brand new trend is emerging that is “the new form of fashion”.

The tattoo is often seen with the name of the army, which in the UK has a history of fighting in the British Army.

“People are wearing these Army tattoos and it’s a little bit of a new trend,” said Simon Taylor, a tattoo artist who specialises in tattooing.

“The Army tattoos have been growing, so it’s been a bit of an exciting time.”

Taylor has been a tattooist since 2007 and he said the tattoos had “grown quite a bit” in popularity.

“A lot of people are really into it, people are looking to get tattoos, they want to look more military, they don’t want to do something too simple,” he said.

Taylor said he was keen to make the army more mainstream.

“There’s a lot of army tattoos out there, so I’m hoping to bring a little more attention to them,” he told the BBC.

He said he would love to work with people “who are just going for the Army tattoos” and added he was a “huge fan” of the military.

“They’re cool, I just think they’re very unique,” he added.

Some tattoos, like this one from an RAF member, are “a little bit over the top” but they are becoming more popular “because people are wearing them,” said Taylor.

One of the most popular tattoos is this one of a poppy, which can be seen above on the left.

Taylor’s tattoo can be purchased online or tattooed at his shop.

He added that the Army was a symbol of loyalty and patriotism, and that the tattoos were not only for soldiers, but also anyone who was looking to have their military name on their body.

“It’s the ultimate symbol of patriotism, it’s the Army tattoo.

It’s really just a salute to our people, to our nation, our troops, our soldiers and our people who served,” he explained.

However, Taylor said that the army was a very diverse organisation, and there were many different types of tattoos.

“I think the reason for the growing popularity of tattoos is because it’s something you can see in different people.

Some people love them, some people don’t, some are very simple, some you can go a bit overboard, some just look really silly.”

‘It’s about pride’ For Taylor, the tattoos could be seen as “a symbol of the pride and loyalty we all feel, and to be able to show it to the world”.

“People want to show their military pride and that’s something that we all stand for,” he continued.

“As an artist I love the military, it means so much to me. “

It gives me strength and it gives me pride, it makes me feel like a member of this community.””

As an artist I love the military, it means so much to me.

It gives me strength and it gives me pride, it makes me feel like a member of this community.”

But people do come out of the woodwork, it does mean that the tattoo artists that are working with them are not just working for a client.

“So to get a good tattoo it’s about having a good artist, a good client, good technique, good quality and having that pride and a lot more.”

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