How to recruit your army and cool soldiers in the US army

Recode, the internet’s leading news site, is reporting that the US military is recruiting a cool army, a reference to its recent recruitment push.

Recode reports that “a senior official familiar with the matter” told the site that the U.S. military is in the process of recruiting a “cool army” to help prepare for future conflicts.

The official said the “cool Army” would be based on “a broad mix of nationalities” and would consist of a mix of veterans and those who are “living off-base.”

Recode adds that “the cool army” will be based in New York City and would include veterans and people living off-reserve.

The news site also notes that the United States is reportedly considering building a “new, larger facility” to house the “sick” troops in its military.

It notes that this would require “a major change to its existing force structure.”

In a separate article, Recode reported that the Pentagon has been talking to “a few top executives” about recruiting the “new army.”

The article adds that these executives have told the Pentagon that they believe the “old army” is outdated, outdated, and “too small.”

The news outlet reports that the new army will likely be based at Fort Bliss in Texas and would be “designed to handle large-scale deployments.”

Recoding notes that it’s unclear whether this new army would be a “full-fledged military,” a “small unit” or “part of the military.”

The site says that “many of these plans are in the works,” and that the Army’s leadership “will not rule out the possibility that the cool army will eventually expand to include additional units.”

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