How the Army is preparing for a new kind of war in Afghanistan

The U.S. military’s Special Operations Command is ramping up its contingency plans in Afghanistan, with a new war game being prepared to be deployed within weeks.

The U.s. military plans to train more than 20,000 troops in special operations, including special operations specialists, in an effort to prepare them to combat the Taliban, a U.n. special envoy said on Friday.

The envoy, Staff Sgt. Jeffrey Lewis, said that the U.N. and NATO have been working closely with the military to prepare for the new war.

The Afghan government has agreed to send up to 30,000 U.nscripted troops to the country, Lewis said, adding that the military is expected to train up to 20,100 soldiers in Special Operations.

Lewis said the United States and its NATO allies are also preparing for possible attacks by the Taliban against the Afghan forces, which is expected as the military prepares for possible future operations against the Taliban.

U.n., U.K., France to form military command in Afghanistan to manage security article A group of European countries will meet in Paris on Sunday to form a new military command, the UN’s top human rights official said on Saturday.

Uruguay, France, Italy and the United Kingdom will form the Interim Command, a body of about 500 people, in order to oversee the countrys reconstruction, Human Rights Watch said in a statement.

The new command will have the power to issue emergency and emergency declarations, conduct searches, and carry out inspections and assessments, the statement said.

The Interim Commander will have authority to deploy troops, advise and assist Afghan forces on the ground, monitor the conduct of military operations and carry a mandate to investigate and prosecute crimes committed by the Afghan security forces, the organization said.

Human Rights Watch also said the Interloper Group will conduct cross-border security operations, carry out surveillance and reconnaissance and assist with humanitarian relief.

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