Trump has made the army green to help the troops

Trump has issued an executive order to the armed forces that will let soldiers wear camouflage colors in order to help combat the spread of the flu, the Pentagon said Monday.

The move comes as the military is grappling with the threat of the pandemic, with the Army saying it has received more than 100,000 cases of the coronavirus and has had more than 10,000 deaths in the last week.

The order, which will take effect this month, also will let Army soldiers wear green, blue or gray to help prevent infections from spreading.

Trump made the move in the wake of a deadly outbreak in California that killed more than 2,400 people.

During the campaign, Trump said he wanted the military to have a green look to better combat the flu.

The green look would allow soldiers to “display their identity and the spirit of the U.S. flag, with respect for the country that gave you birth, our history, our culture, our way of life,” Trump said in a Sept. 27 speech in South Carolina.

“It would also be a symbol of the Army that is not afraid to take a stand for our values, our freedoms and our military personnel.”

Trump also ordered the Pentagon to develop a plan for preventing the spread and containment of the influenza, which has killed more people than any other disease since the pandemics began in 2003.

Last month, Trump signed a memorandum directing the Pentagon’s Office of the Chief Information Officer to develop guidelines for the Army to deploy the green and gold color scheme to the military.

“I’m not the first to want to make the Army green to combat the coronovirus,” Trump told The Washington Post in June.

“We’ve seen the military wear the colors before.”

In addition to wearing camouflage colors, Trump has ordered the Army and Marine Corps to establish special green training courses for troops to learn how to use air masks and to use flu vaccines.

Since the pandicans first appeared in the U

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