How to prevent soldiers from dying in the war on terror

By The Next Blogger StaffThe Pentagon is considering a policy of mandatory death by drone to protect its soldiers, but one soldier in the US Army Air Force told The Next Word that he’s still waiting for the policy to be implemented.

In a video, Army Airman Robert Stearns, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, discusses the need to have drones to protect soldiers in the field and to be able to return to base in the event of a drone strike.

“I’ve never seen a policy where there’s a requirement to have a drone and that you have to be trained and that there’s an air force that can respond to a drone, and the fact that you need to do that in the first place,” Stearn said.

Stearns said that he was worried that if drones were deployed to protect troops in the fight against ISIS, there would be little incentive for the military to have them deployed, and that would put the lives of soldiers at risk.

“We know that ISIS was able to kill people on the ground and get away with it because they were getting away with what they were doing,” Stears said.

“If we’re going to be sending drones out into the field to kill these people, we need to know who’s doing it and we need that trained.”

Stearn added that the drone war would increase the likelihood that someone will die from an accident.

“When I see people dying on the battlefield, I want to know that someone is there to take care of them, and there is a person on the field that is there for them, but I want that person to be armed, too,” Stains said.

“That’s why I don’t want drones in the sky.”

Stears is one of thousands of soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan and other war zones who are currently being deployed to the battlefield.

“The military has to be prepared for any eventuality,” Stetsons said.

In the video, Stears also says that he is willing to take the risk of taking his own life.

“Every soldier that I’ve been with has had to make a decision about whether or not I want them to fight,” he said.

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