New AR store for soldiers to save their money

The Salvation Army store on the east side of Manhattan is a magnet for shoppers and shoppers alike.

The Salvation Arm is the largest Salvation Army and is also the one of the largest independent businesses in New York City.

The store has been operating for nearly 40 years, but it recently opened a new location on the East Side of Manhattan.

According to the Salvation Army, the new location is “the first in the United States to offer both an AR and VR shop.”

This is because the Salvation Arm store is a store that is designed to be used by members of the armed forces, and this will allow members of this service to shop without leaving the store.

The new location will also be the first store in the country that is able to provide members of U.S. Armed Forces with VR headsets.

A new online shop, the Salvation Arms VR Shop, will also open up on the new East Side location in May.

While the new Salvation Arm location will offer VR, the store is also able to sell other accessories and products for soldiers.

The VR Shop will be open at 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

The shop will be selling everything from a VR headset to an AR headset.

The retail store is not the only place where the Salvation army has opened a VR shop.

The online store for the Salvation arm store also opened on the same day as the new store.

Salvation Army VR Shop on the West Side of NYC has been open since May.

The virtual shop is selling all kinds of products from VR headsets to coffee makers.

The website is also a great resource for members of all levels of the military.

The team behind the Salvation arms VR Shop says they plan to expand the VR shop to other locations across the city in the coming months.

Salvation Arm VR Shop has been the source of a lot of debate online.

Some members have questioned the store’s ability to sell VR products, especially when the Salvation service has a very tight budget and staff.

Many members have also argued that the Salvationarm is the only Salvation arm in the world that is selling VR gear.

If you want to try VR, you need a VR headband and you will need to pay the full price for them.

The majority of VR gear sold online for the military is expensive.

A VR headset will cost $60 to $200, and an AR VR headset can cost between $200 and $1,000.

VR headsets are not cheap, and many of the headsets will only offer a limited number of frames per second.

Some of the best VR headsets include the Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive, and the Samsung Gear VR.

This is a great place to shop for VR gear online.

However, the prices can be high.

VR Headset Reviews is the best source of information on VR headsets and how they compare to each other.

If the Salvationarms VR Shop offers VR headsets, you can be sure that you are going to be getting some of the highest quality VR headsets available.

However the SalvationArm VR Shop also offers VR products that are not available online.

For example, you might see a VR camera that will let you see a 360-degree view of a building or a VR mask that will allow you to see your face through a headset.

You can also see what VR glasses you can purchase online.

If a Salvation Army member needs a VR helmet, you could be able to purchase one online.

The other option is to go to a Salvationarm store and order one online, or you can visit the website and select the VR Shop for the virtual shop.

You could also check out VR-related websites such as or to find VR-themed movies and VR shows.

In the future, it might be a good idea to try buying a VR set online.

Salvationarm VR Shop and VR Shop at New York’s Salvation Army are not the first VR shops to open.

There have been many VR stores across the country.

The most recent VR store in Dallas, for example, is still a small space, but has a large and active online community.

However some VR shops have closed down in recent years, including the one in New Orleans.

There is no word yet if the SalvationArms VR Shop is going to open a second location in the near future.

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