Australian army unit uses night-stalker technology to hunt down enemy soldiers

An Australian army night-strider unit is using the same technology that is being used by the US military to hunt enemy soldiers, in a bid to deter them from trying to infiltrate enemy units.

Key points:An Australian army company is using an internet-based technology to track enemy soldiersThe unit uses the same internet-enabled technology that was used by US troops during the Vietnam War to track down Viet Cong soldiersThe units have deployed their night-snare unit to Vietnam, where it is training other unitsThe technology is being tested in the country where the night-sniper unit was created, according to the ABC.

The unit is based at Camp Bastion in the Western Highlands of New South Wales.

The US-funded unit was formed after a spate of military suicides by members of the elite Delta Force unit, who were believed to have been involved in the murder of two members of a unit in Afghanistan in 2011.

The units is said to be using the internet to identify enemy soldiers.

“In a very low-key way we’ve used a lot of information that’s in the public domain,” a spokesperson for the unit told the ABC’s 7.30 program.

“It’s a very important capability that can identify certain types of people that are looking to come across our territory and to use it against us,” he said.

“This capability can identify enemy forces and we’ve done that a number of times, we’ve had a lot, a lot more than the other troops have.”

There have been a lot reports in the media about what we’ve been doing in the last few weeks and we know that we’ve got a lot going on, but we’ve also done our own investigations and we haven’t used any information that comes from the military.

“The US military has also used the internet-connected night-skirt units to track insurgents who have attempted to cross the border into New South Welsh territory.

The military unit is a part of the Delta Force.

The Australian army has also been using the technology for several years to track soldiers who have been in the same country for more than a year, according the ABC News.”

We have deployed a number to a number different countries around the world and we have been working with the military to understand how to best use this technology to identify potential enemies,” a spokesman for the Australian Defence Force said.

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