How to prepare for a military funeral

The United States Army has put out guidelines for the way it handles funeral arrangements for fallen service members, including how it prepares the body for burial in the military cemetery.

But the guidelines do not cover the manner in which the bodies are handled, nor does it offer a way to determine whether the remains are properly dressed, according to Army spokeswoman Lt.

Col. Jennifer Jones.

The Army says it will follow the recommendations.

The guidelines, released Tuesday by the Army’s Commandant of the Army, General Thomas Waldhauser, also instructs that officers be prepared for funeral parades and similar events in which mourners would be given the opportunity to take photos and video.

“The Army believes the public is entitled to expect the dignity, respect and privacy of all members of the Armed Forces and to expect that these members will be treated with dignity and respect in accordance with military standards,” Waldhauster wrote in the guidelines.

“The service members who died in the line of duty in recent years were heroes to us all and deserve the utmost respect, dignity and privacy in their memorials and cemeteries,” Waldhause wrote.

Jones said that while the Army guidelines don’t cover how to properly dress the remains, they do offer guidance on how to prepare the body.

You can read the Army guidance here: — Army (@ArmyHQ) August 16, 2021″While the Army is not obligated to provide funeral arrangements, the guidelines provide guidelines on how it would conduct funeral arrangements if a person had died in a uniformed manner.

The Army does not provide funeral guidance for those who died by other means,” Jones said in a statement.”

Additionally, it does not offer any guidance on the manner or dress of the remains.”

The Army has already implemented changes to its funeral process to accommodate those who choose to wear uniforms and have been wearing uniform for years.

For instance, officers will now be allowed to take photographs and video of the burial of fallen service member in the uniform of the fallen soldier.

A funeral service is also now being held at Fort Hood, Texas, for fallen soldiers who have recently been discharged.

“In this case, a member of the United States Armed Forces has died and it’s important for us to honor his memory, his sacrifice and his service to this country,” Jones wrote.

“As the Chief of the U.S. Army, I feel the obligation to provide the same respect, respect, and privacy for the remains of fallen soldiers that all other members of our Armed Forces are afforded,” she said.

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