What’s Next for ‘Armie Hammer: The Movie’ in 2020?

Armie Hammer, who died at the age of 80, was a beloved comic book hero in his day, but in the modern age, he has largely been overshadowed by the likes of Joss Whedon and Steven Spielberg.

That’s not to say Hammer never had a future beyond his comics, but it’s a sad time for fans of his work.

Here’s what’s next for ‘The Armiehammer Movie.’

Armie’s comic book legacy is still very much alive, with a couple of movies currently on the way.

Hammer was known for writing the iconic comic book character of the same name, but the story of the character’s origin and the way that the character became the superhero that he is today was adapted into a TV series for Fox and ABC.

The film was recently adapted into an animated series by the same title.

Armie was born in 1947 and raised in Brooklyn.

He is survived by his wife, Margaret, his son James and his son-in-law, Mark Deveron.

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