When your army needs a new backpack, Swiss Army knife offers a free alternative

By Michael Snyder and Alex Wong/Getty ImagesThe Swiss Army Knife has been around for decades.

The military has owned the iconic brand for decades, and the Swiss military has sold over 2 million of the weapons.

The Army has made it possible for its soldiers to carry the Swiss Army’s weapons for free for many years now.

The Swiss Army has been able to sell the weapon on its own since the 1980s, with a variety of military contracts, including one with the CIA in 2015 that gave the Swiss company an exclusive license to manufacture the knife.

But it’s been a long time since the Swiss army’s most famous tool was actually used.

When the Swiss armed forces deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan during the 2003 invasion, the Swiss used the Swiss-made M-16 rifle to kill hundreds of militants.

And while the Swiss Military has been the official Swiss army for the past 60 years, it was never able to bring the M-14 assault rifle to market.

The Swiss army wanted to bring its weapon to the U.S. military and asked Swiss company Armalite to help.

But while the company helped the Swiss with their plans, the American military didn’t want to sell weapons that would have been used against American soldiers in Iraq.

So in 2015, Armalites made a deal with the American government to allow the Swiss to sell their weapon to American troops for free.

Now, with the new free Army tool now in the hands of American soldiers, the company is offering the weapon for free in its Swiss Army online store.

The M-15, a similar but slightly cheaper weapon, is also on the sale, but only for American troops.

Armalite will also give away the free M-11 assault rifle for free to all military members and their families, as well as to anyone with a military identification card.

But as with the other Swiss Army weapons, the free weapon is only available to the first 500,000 military members who purchase it.

As the Swissarmy.com page states, “We have a long history of service and support to the military.

This includes the M16 rifle, which was originally designed to replace the M14 rifle in the Swiss Armed Forces.

But over time, the M10 rifle became the preferred weapon for both the Swiss and the American soldiers fighting on the ground in Iraq and Afghan.”

While Armalize is offering a free Swiss Army weapon to soldiers, they are not allowing the free tool to be used by civilians.

The company states that it will make sure the free Army weapon can be used in a military environment where civilian usage is prohibited.

However, they still have to comply with the rules for civilian use.

In a statement, Armandite said, “This is the first time that the Swiss Armament Company is selling the M15 and M11 assault rifles, and this is only the beginning.

The future of this service continues to be our highest priority.”

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