Saudi Arabia’s military wives cast in BTS bomb plot

The wives of the Saudi special forces have been cast in a BTS terrorist bomb plot in the southern city of Jeddah, local media reported.

The women, identified only as “Jade,” “Zaynab,” and “Youssef,” are reportedly part of the military’s “female team” tasked with protecting Saudi Arabia from potential threats from overseas, including the Islamic State group.

The Saudi newspaper Al-Akhbar reported on Sunday that the “female teams” were being trained by the Royal Military Academy in Jedda, the kingdom’s second-largest city.

It said that they were part of a large team assigned to “combat” in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, where “the military is in the process of retraining its female personnel.”

Saudi Arabia, a Sunni Muslim nation, has faced numerous foreign and domestic terrorist attacks in the past few years.

The government has cracked down on the kingdom and its military by using harsh measures including closing down media outlets and cutting off travel for some citizens.

The kingdom’s military is also accused of being complicit in a deadly 2011 military assault on the city of Taiz, which killed more than 200 civilians.

The Jeddabah blast comes at a sensitive time for the kingdom.

The United Nations Security Council is considering a resolution on human rights abuses against the kingdom, which is the only country in the Middle East that has been singled out by the United States for sanctions in response to the 2011 attack on Taiz.

Saudi Arabia has repeatedly rejected accusations of human rights violations by the kingdom or its armed forces.

“We do not support the notion that the Saudi Armed Forces are part of any international organization, or even a coalition, to commit such crimes against humanity,” Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said last month.

“The international community is aware of the situation in Saudi Arabia and will do its utmost to protect the country from the terrorist threat posed by the Kingdom’s military.”

Al-Jubb reported that Saudi Arabia is planning to issue a statement on the alleged bomb plot shortly.

“I am convinced that we are all living under a threat and that the threat is increasing,” Al-Baghdadi said in 2013.

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