Army Games 2018: No need for special rules

Army Games, a popular sporting event in the country, is being held in the city this year.

The Games will be held from June 5 to 19, 2018.

The game is one of the best-known in the state.

In the past two decades, there has been a huge demand for the event and attendance has grown by more than 10 per cent each year.

The Games are expected to attract around 4.5 lakh spectators, which is more than double the total number attending the Indian cricket matches.

But a special rule has been proposed for the Games which will give special privileges to the players.

In the first phase, the rules have been tweaked.

The teams will have two teams, with the captain and two other players to each team, and a maximum of six players per team.

This will mean that only two players per side will be allowed.

The two players are then allowed to be assigned to the other team.

A minimum of four players are allowed per side.

Players on the other side of the table will be required to wear special equipment.

They will also have to wear a helmet, face shields and must wear ear protection and goggles.

The only exception will be the players from the other sides of the field.

During the second phase, there will be a special category for players who have had a severe injury.

These players will be provided with the required medical treatment and special equipment, which they will wear on the field to prevent any potential injuries.

The third phase will see players being allowed to play the game during any time of the day and night.

This is the only phase in which players can only be selected to play.

The rule will be made applicable for all teams from June 17, 2020.

The organisers said that the rules will not affect the game itself.

“In the past, during the Indian Premier League (IPL), we have been able to take care of the health of the players in the stadiums and stadiums,” a spokesperson said.

“The game itself has a very strict dress code.

There are a few things that have changed in the last 10 years and the rules for the game have been modified.

There is a lot of interest in the game in the capital.

We hope that we can attract a lot more people for the games.”

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