How The Army Has Used Its “Surplus” to Build The Navy’s Future: Army Navy

Army has been in the surplus business since WWII, and it has been a huge success.

While the Army has a few surplus items in the inventory, it’s more than enough for most of its needs.

The Navy has a lot of surplus items, but it has some of the most expensive ones, too.

It is important to remember that this is the Army’s legacy, and not something that the Navy will be making available to its customers anytime soon.

The Army still owns the bulk of its surplus equipment.

This is because the Army uses these items to keep the Army competitive in a global marketplace.

It is a way for the Army to maintain a competitive edge and maintain an air arm that is competitive in the global marketplace, even as other services make huge investments to build new air arms.

Army surplus is not something to be purchased as a commodity.

It has value, and the Army will continue to use these surplus items to make the Army a stronger and better-equipped force in the future.

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