How did Ireland’s army achieve its most successful peacetime operational record?

The army career trackers at the Department of Defence and the Defence Forces’ Statistical Reporting Unit (DFRSU) are now available.

They have been developed to provide the public with an early snapshot of the Army’s operational performance over the past year.

The DfRSU is the agency responsible for collecting, analysing and publishing the statistical data relating to the Army.

Its new website has an interactive dashboard that allows users to access data such as combat kills, number of combat deaths and number of service deaths.

The data is available to the public for six months after the release of the statistics.

The Army is now the first government department to have its data made public on the Dfrsu website.

The new release of Army statistics will allow for more information to be shared on how the Army is doing over the course of the peacetime. 

It will also allow for better analysis and communication of Army performance across the board. 

The Defence Forces Statistical Reporting unit (DFSRSU), which provides the Army with operational and statistical information, has a long history of sharing and analysing data with the public.

Its mission is to provide timely, accurate and complete information to the government on the Army and to provide a forum for members of the public to have a voice in the management of the army.

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