How to dress for the Army: Erb and Hammer’s Army Jacket

If you’re looking for a classic Army jacket that’s perfect for summer, you might want to give Erb & Hammer’s new “Army Jacket” a try.

It’s a timeless piece of Army fabric that’s made with 100% cotton, wool, rayon, and linen that is incredibly durable.

The “Army” in the name stands for “Army, Army Jacket.”

Its 100% nylon, which makes it easy to wear without feeling like you’re wearing a woolen jacket.

Erb, Hammer, and their Army jacket are a great choice if you want a versatile piece that’s comfortable, warm, and versatile.

Read on to learn how to get your Erb Jacket and Hammer Jacket on your list of summer gear. 

In the video below, Erb Hammer talks about the “Army,” and the fact that the fabric is 100% wool, which he says gives it a timeless feel. 

The Army Jacket is available at select retailers and online.

You can find the Army jacket in sizes S-XL and comes with a removable front pocket.

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