How to remove an Army insignia

The U.S. Army has long been a symbol of its commitment to equality and justice.

Now, that commitment may have to be reconsidered as more troops join the military under President Donald Trump.

In recent weeks, Trump has made a number of controversial and controversial remarks about LGBT Americans and other groups, and it appears the Army is taking note.

The service announced in May it would begin using a “non-binary” symbol on its uniforms, but it has since reversed course, and now has a more inclusive uniform that says “US Army.”

As The Associated Press reported last month, some military members say they are seeing signs that the service is moving in the right direction, but others worry that the change will lead to a new generation of servicemembers who are confused about their gender identity.

“I have had multiple people call me and say, ‘I’m confused about my gender identity,'” said Army veteran Chris Epps, who asked to use the soldier’s last name to protect his privacy.

“I have also heard from a lot of my friends who have been asked about it and who are being really honest and honest with me and that’s very concerning.”

Epps was a soldier in the Army Reserves from 2010 to 2014, and he has been a member of the U.K. Army since 2016.

He said he’s now working with a military LGBT group to get the word out to his fellow troops, as well as those who have recently joined the military.

“We’ve got a big community in the UK and the U

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