Army’s Brooklyn Terminal, where it was set up, closed down

The Brooklyn Army Terminal, a facility that was set to be a military recruiting center, has closed its doors.

The Army announced on Friday that it had shut down the Brooklyn Army terminal after more than four years of operation, citing poor financial results.

The Brooklyn Terminal was expected to be the Army’s first recruitment center for black males and would have provided an avenue for young black men to gain access to military service, as well as provide a forum for their education.

But a $8 million budget shortfall forced the service to shutter the facility last year, and it had been operating under the name Brooklyn Terminal since February 2018.

The facility had been slated to open in March 2019, but the Army cut its enrollment by nearly 100,000 people.

The Brooklyn Army terminals were slated to be open in 2019, and they were supposed to serve as a recruitment center and training center for Black and Brown males.

The facilities was supposed to be fully operational in 2019.

But the Brooklyn Terminal had been closed since early 2018 and the service has not been able to make up the loss.

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