Why the Army’s wives cast aside for the army

The Army’s Wives cast aside as the military’s most popular women have been the most vocal critics of the war effort.

Read moreThe wives have said they want their daughters to join the military. 

The Army is already a majority female organisation, and this is the first time it is being criticised on that front.

“There is no question the army has been the best example for women in terms of training and education, but we are now the least popular women’s group in the country,” said a senior Army officer.

“We are being pushed out of the military altogether.

The only reason we are being given this promotion is to be a feminist and have our daughters serve.”

The Army has not released the names of the women, but there are some women who have said their names were taken.

The Wives are in the minority.

The most popular military wives were given the military by the President and First Lady.

They were chosen by the General Staff.

“They are being made redundant by a government who has refused to pay us our basic entitlements,” said one of the wives, who wished to remain anonymous.

A senior Army General said the women’s decision was the result of a lack of support from the Government.

“The women have taken this decision because of lack of understanding from the government,” he said.

He said the army would take a decision on the women at the end of this month.

One of the soldiers, who asked not to be named, said she had received letters from the Army saying their names would not be honoured.

There was no further comment.

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