US Army: Soldier medals could be a lot of fun

By MICHAEL BACONAPATRIUSAPAAPnews Staff WriterIt’s been a while since the last big Army medal award, and the Medal of Honor has been getting a lot less attention than the Medal for Valor and the Silver Star.

That’s because there are so few medals awarded in that category.

And even fewer medals that go to people who actually served in the Army.

That hasn’t stopped Army leaders from touting Medal of Duty Medals as an alternative to Medals of Honor and Purple Heart.

And while that’s a bit of a stretch, there’s a real possibility that the Army could soon be issuing a Medal of honor that’s more akin to the Purple Heart, and in some cases, even more.

In the past few months, Army leaders have been touting Medal Of Honor Medals as a way to honor those who died in action.

In a video from this month’s Army Day ceremony, Gen. Robert Neller, the Army’s top officer for operations, stated that Medal of Honour medals are a way for members of the Army to honor the “true heroes” of the world.

In fact, the Medal Of Honour medal, or the Army Medal of Military Valor, is actually a version of the Purple Hearts.

The Purple Hearts are a symbol of the bravery and sacrifice of soldiers who have died in combat.

The Army is currently the only service in the United States to issue medals for military service.

For the last six years, the United Kingdom has been issuing medals to military members who have served in Afghanistan.

The United States is the only country in the world to issue awards for military personnel who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

The Army, however, is not the only branch of the military that’s been issuing Medals of Valor.

The US military is not known for being particularly fond of Medals of Honour, and it has been making the decision to keep them in the service of other branches of the service for some time.

As we’ve covered extensively, the military has long had a habit of honoring veterans who were killed while serving in Afghanistan, even if they were not specifically awarded Medals of Duty medals.

But it wasn’t until the Vietnam War that the military began to consider the value of medals that had been awarded to military personnel that have gone on to make the ultimate sacrifices.

While the Army has long been the only major service in America to award medals for service in Afghanistan — an oft-cited reason for the current popularity of the Medal, which was awarded to soldiers killed in action on September 11, 2001 — the Army also issued Medals of Courage medals to troops who were deployed in Vietnam.

The first Medal of Courage medal was awarded in 1962.

That medal, which is still in use, was awarded for military members killed in Vietnam, but only in the case of the United Nations peacekeepers.

(The Vietnam War ended in 1975, but the medal is still valid for future deployments.)

It wasn’t always that way.

In 1966, a group of retired soldiers named the U.S. Army’s “Victory Medals” to honor service in Vietnam who had been killed in combat during the Vietnam conflict.

That effort began in 1964, but didn’t go anywhere for nearly 20 years.

The idea of awarding medals for troops killed in battle was only revived in 1974, when a group led by former Army Sergeant Mark Clements, a Vietnam veteran, started the UVA Veterans of Foreign Wars.

The UVA has continued to award Medals of Freedom, which are also awarded to service members who die overseas, to active duty members.

In 2012, the Department of Defense issued the Army Combat Medal for valor, the highest military award, which consists of the Distinguished Service Cross and a Purple Heart with a bronze medal.

(Other awards that are not combat-related are the Army Achievement Medal, the Navy Achievement Medal and the Army Commendation Medal.)

The award is given to soldiers who had served in “war-related situations” and “in areas where a member was personally engaged,” according to the Army website.

The Medal of Valour has been on the shortlist for the award since 2009.

In that time, the US Army has awarded more than 20,000 Medals of Service to active-duty members who were in Afghanistan or Iraq.

(In total, the American military has given out more than 4,500 Medals of Distinction to active personnel.)

The current Medal of Distress, which has been in use since 2003, is awarded for the death of a member of the Armed Forces who “has been killed, injured, or otherwise rendered ineffectual while engaged in action in combat,” according the Medal Program website.

In the case the US military awards a Medal for Determination, it is not given for the specific actions that resulted in the death.

The Medal of Determination award is awarded “when a member is deemed to have been an essential member of a unit

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