How to be an effective Alms Army member

You can be a successful Alms Leader by: • Making a positive impact on your community • Engaging in positive behavior that helps your community   • Making your Alms community a better place to live and work • Leading others in a positive way. 

Alms Leader Training Camps and Resources: The Alms Leadership Training Camp is held at Wesleyan University. 

This is a program where the community and the leaders of your community come together for an intense, four-day training camp designed to help you build your leadership skills. 

The program includes workshops on Almighty God, social justice and ethics, life lessons, leadership, communities, health, and family. 

All Alms Leaders receive a Certificate of Completion from the Alms Ministry of leaderships and the WESC for their training. 

For more information on the Alms Lobby, click here and for more information about the WESC,  click here . 

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