Month: July 2021

Reddit: Military in Ukraine will continue ‘for as long as necessary’

The Russian-backed Ukrainian government says it is planning to hold a military exercise in the country for as long “as necessary”.“This will continue for as much as necessary, we can’t allow any more delays, because this is an urgent task and it is absolutely necessary,” Ukraine’s military chief, General Valery Gerasimov, told journalists in the […]

How to remove an Army insignia

The U.S. Army has long been a symbol of its commitment to equality and justice.Now, that commitment may have to be reconsidered as more troops join the military under President Donald Trump.In recent weeks, Trump has made a number of controversial and controversial remarks about LGBT Americans and other groups, and it appears the Army […]

The SFC Army: A look back at the SFCs legacy

The Army’s first official men’s army, the Sfc, was formed in 1890.The regiment had three divisions: the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th.The Sfc was initially stationed in the East Midlands, but after the Civil War the regiment was expanded and relocated to London.The Army’s men’s division was formed with the SfC, the regiment’s most senior officers.Its […]

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