What’s happening in Syria?

Here are some of the news stories you need to know about the war in Syria.


UN Security Council meets to discuss Syria’s ceasefire article The United Nations Security Council has held an emergency meeting to discuss the truce agreement that was agreed on Saturday in the Kazakh capital, Astana, and is expected to be approved by the full body in coming days.

The United States, Russia and China have supported the ceasefire deal, but the US is one of the veto-wielding members of the Security Council, which also includes France, Britain, Germany and Italy.

The three veto-holding countries – the US, Russia, and China – are also backing the plan to impose a no-fly zone over the country.

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, is expected on Monday to sign the agreement.


Iran says US will pay for its air strike in Syria: report by Reuters news agency article Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Sunday that the US had decided to pay for a recent attack in Syria and warned that it would “pay for it with its blood”.

Rouhani made the comments in a speech to the nation, which is facing a three-year war.

He said that the attack was carried out by US-led coalition forces, which he said were the “fears of the American ruling class”.


The UN Security council meets to consider Syria’s truce article The UN security council has held a emergency meeting with the aim of approving the ceasefire agreement that the UN Security Committee has agreed to.

The meeting is expected later this week.

The US, the UK, France, Germany, Russia &c., have also signed the agreement, which was reached after months of negotiations and has been approved by five of the seven Security Council members.

Iran’s president has said that he will sign the ceasefire if the deal is ratified.


Russia’s president says he will not allow the UN to ‘defeat Syria’: state news agency, Reuters news report by AFP news agency The Russian leader, Vladimir Tsirkov, said that it was the US that had attacked Syria and that Russia would not allow it to be defeated.

Tsirk, who was in Astana for a meeting with foreign ministers, said on Saturday that he would not accept any kind of military intervention in Syria or any other conflict in the region.

The Kremlin has warned that any US-Russian military confrontation could result in war with Iran and other countries.

Russia has also said that any unilateral US action would lead to a destabilising situation in the Middle East.


US strikes Syrian air base with cruise missiles: state news source, Reuters article US President Donald Trump has said he would use cruise missiles if Syria does not honour its deal to dismantle its chemical weapons programme.

The strikes on a Syrian airbase on Sunday were the first in a series of military operations carried out against the country since Trump took office.


US to use cruise missile strikes on Syrian airfield in response to chemical weapons attack: state media, Reuters, state news, state.uk article The US is expected this week to use its cruise missile programme to attack Syrian airfields in retaliation for a chemical weapons massacre last week in the country, the US defence department has said.

The military has said the missiles will be launched from a range of ships in the Atlantic.


Russia and Iran: what to know from their statements on Syria crisis article The Syrian government and opposition have rejected any US attack on its airbase, which has been in operation since 2013, and have also rejected any military intervention.

Iran has warned the US against any attempt to “turn the clock back” to the era of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.

Russia, meanwhile, said it had no plans to take part in any military operations.


US military to target Syrian air force base: state-run news agency APA news agency reported that US special forces were targeting the Syrian airforce base, located in the central province of Hama, with cruise missile batteries.


US air strike destroys Syrian air defence missile base: APA, state-owned news agency source Reuters, source: AP A US Navy destroyer sailed through the Strait of Hormuz in the Gulf of Aden to intercept a Syrian military aircraft over the Strait, US officials told Reuters.

The USS Nitze fired a Tomahawk cruise missile against a Syrian aircraft that was heading towards the US Navy’s aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, the officials said.


Syrian government says its chemical weapon programme ‘stalled’: state-media, Reuters sources: AP and Reuters, AFP news, AFP photo source: AFP 11.

Syria’s Foreign Ministry rejects US allegations of chemical attack on rebels: state, Reuters source: Reuters 12.

Syrian opposition leader: UN must take action against US for chemical attack: al-Masdar News, Reuters media, source al- Masdar News source: al Masdar news source: Al Jazeera news source : Al Jazeera source : al Jazeera source: Tasnim news source 1/12 Syria’s President Bashar al-

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