How much does a new stadium cost?

By Kate Kelland, BBC News editor London The cost of a new football stadium is expected to be as much as £200m for the Emirates Stadium, according to the government’s costings.

The stadium, which opened in 2018, is expected have a capacity of 40,000, with seats for a total of 110,000.

The government estimates that £70m will be needed to build it, with the remaining £20m coming from other sources.

However, it’s not yet known exactly how much the cost of building the stadium will be.

The new stadium has a capacity for 40,200.

The first home match will be on Saturday, August 2, 2018, and will be played at a new ground in the city of Coventry.

The FA, which runs the football clubs, will then host the Premier League’s first match at Wembley Stadium.

A total of 11 games will be broadcast on BBC Three, with a new £2.5bn stadium being built to host a second season of the FA Cup.

What is a stadium?

A stadium is a structure used to play football.

A football pitch is just a rectangular area that is filled with grass or turf, and often a few seats.

The surface is usually built to withstand the force of the ball being thrown, and there are usually a few sections on either side of the pitch, where the player can sit and catch the ball.

The term ‘stadium’ is also used to refer to a stadium used for football matches, which has a roof, stands or stands of concrete.

It can be built out of stone, timber or concrete.

The name refers to the football pitch, as well as the area of the ground that is used for playing, and the stadium is usually the most expensive part of the stadium.

Football stadiums are usually built by contractors who have worked for years to build a stadium, and usually take a number of years to complete.

The construction works are usually carried out in an area called the ‘home’, or a part of it known as the ‘field’, to ensure the ground is safe and fit for football.

The football pitches are usually dug out and covered with concrete, which can be used for many years before the stadium can be filled with seating.

The Premier League has built stadiums in many different countries around the world.

In 2015, it paid £20bn for a new Wembley Stadium in London, which will host the football finals between Manchester United and Chelsea.

The £200million cost of the new stadium in 2018 will likely be a huge sum, and may even exceed the amount the Premier Leagues budget was originally set at.

The cost could be much higher than that.

The amount of money the Premier league had originally allocated for the construction of the first new stadium was around £10m.

However the government said the stadium would be £60m.

The funding comes from an additional £10bn from the government and £2bn from other public funds, which is the equivalent of around a third of the Premier leagues budget.

The next new stadium will not be built until 2026, when the Premier clubs will be required to increase their annual income by £6m to cover the costs of building and maintaining the stadium, according the Football League.

The last stadium built for the Premierleague was Wembley Stadium, which was built in 2003 and hosted the football World Cup Final between England and Germany.

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