Which army would you like to see get the big-ticket upgrades?

RTE 1 Army act is set to get the upgrade.

The RTE News Channel 1 Army Act is set for a major overhaul.

The government wants to spend $3 billion on the army, which has been at a standstill for years.

It is already spending $8 billion on upgrading military infrastructure.

The army is now getting new barracks and offices, the defence ministry has said.

However, the government is not yet ready to declare the army an army.

Instead, it will use a parliamentary resolution to do so, and the government will have to present a new plan.

Army Act will make the army more agile, and more effective in fighting the Taliban and Islamic State, the ministry said in a statement on Monday.

The new barracks would be built in the northern provinces of Kandahar, Jalalabad and Kunduz.

Army Minister Shahid Mahmood said the new barracks will include offices, laboratories and barracks for the infantry.

Army Chief General Raheel Sharif will also oversee the project, the statement said.

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