How to buy a cheap Army Medpros gun online

Soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan have been able to buy cheap Army medpro weapons by purchasing a number of items online.

Now the military is launching a new online store to try and boost supply.

Soldiers can purchase up to six military medpro, including a machine gun and a rocket launcher, for about $50 each. 

Soldiers also can purchase a number other weapons, including anti-tank guided missiles, night vision goggles, anti-aircraft artillery, sniper rifles, anti mine and anti-personnel mines. 

In order to buy the medpro you need to fill out a form on the military’s website and pay a $200 service fee, which is waived for military personnel.

Soldiers will also have to submit fingerprints to a US Department of Defense office.

The service is open only to service members who have been active in the armed forces for at least three months.

The Army says there is no specific timeframe for the launch of the online store.

“It will be a new way to buy medpro because it is an online business and it’s going to be easy for you to buy one,” Colonel Chris Linnell, a spokesman for the US Army, told AFP news agency.

“I can assure you that it’s not going to happen in a vacuum.

It’s going be a part of the plan to expand supply to the people in the field.”

A number of countries are selling weapons online to help with humanitarian assistance and counter-terrorism operations.

The Army said it will offer the Medpro in several countries, including Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan.

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